8 Things You Don’t Know About Living in the ShoalsThinking about moving to the Shoals, but don’t know much about the area? For the statistics, check out our page Living in the Shoals. To learn more about what the Shoals is like on a cultural level and to discover some local trivia, check out our list below.

1. Housing prices here are affordable.

As of the time of this writing, the nationwide average price for housing is $216,200, while in Alabama it is $133,600. But the Shoals area is affordable even by Alabama standards, with median housing prices around $113,700 in Florence. In some areas like Sheffield, you will pay even less, like a median of $65,300.

2. The feeling is very “small town.”

The Shoals is considered a metropolitan area, but don’t let that throw you off. The four small cities offer all you need in terms of conveniences, but they are far from a bustling, overwhelming metropolitan district like you’d find in the “big city.” The look and feel is very much laid-back, rural, relaxing and inviting.

3. Many of the houses here are flat-out gorgeous.

Architecture is a really big deal around here. With its plantation history, the area boasts quite a few examples of stunning Southern architecture which are evocative of the old-fashioned charm associated with the area’s storied past.

You’ll also notice this mirrored in some of the public buildings around the area, in particular the beautiful college Florence is renowned for. Architectural styles represented throughout the area include Federal, 19th Century Revival, 20th Century Revival, Victorian, Craftsman, and Modern. Incidentally, the Shoals is home to the famous Rosenbaum House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

4. A lot of great music had its roots here.

Okay, so this might be something you do know about the Shoals, if you are familiar with the area at all. In Muscle Shoals, you can visit two famous studios, FAME, and the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. Artists who recorded at these studios include Little Richard, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin and the Rolling Stones among many others. Music lovers will feel right at home here.

5. There are lions here.

Nope, we’re not talking about taking a trip to the zoo. Instead, head to the University of North Alabama and say hello to resident lion mascots Una and Leo III. You’ll find them in a unique habitat built especially for them. If you don’t want to wait to visit or move here to see them, you’ll find a webcam at the University of North Alabama’s website.

6. The food here is really amazing.

Those who love Southern comfort food and Cajun cuisine will be in culinary paradise in the Shoals. In particular, the area is renowned for its ribs, so if you enjoy barbecue, you will find a lot of fantastic restaurants to try. If you’re looking for something cool and refreshing afterward, drop by one of the classic soda fountains around town for some ice cream.

7. The Shoals is home to some impressive fashion design.

If the Shoals are famous for anything, it is musical history, but it turns out that music is not the only art which the area is renowned for. There are also some iconic fashion designers who are from here. So if you enjoy shopping, you’ll have plenty of opportunities here to pick up some stylish merchandise.

8. You’ll never run out of fun things to see and do.

Those who work hard and play hard will find lots to fill the weekends in the Shoals. Take a boat out on the Tennessee River, visit the home where Helen Keller grew up, test your skill at the tee at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, and more.

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